Old PC

‘Hanging onto old PCs to cut costs?  It’s bad for productivity’ …… so goes the heading of this article in today’s ST on page B2 in the Home section.  When I saw this, I was like “Hey, G should read this” …… G being the person in charge of the accounts at my work place and from whom I get those old PCs which has seen better days.  They may still function but can be cranky, hangs midway when one too many applications are opened and throws you multiple error messages because their memory is lacking.  
My earlier PC seems to think that the office was way too quiet and would rev up the cooling fan to give the impression that we’re practising for the F1 races.  I suppose I might have grown used to the din but I’m not sure whether my colleagues had taken kindly to it.  The present PC might be less noisy but it likes to go at its own leisurely pace to open up a page and at times simply freezes in its tracks.  Lately I had to resort to closing all other pages and even my Inbox so that the ‘lack of memory’ error message wouldn’t keep popping up when I’m at some website.  It had also lost its ‘voice’ because I cannot hear anything from the headphones anymore ….. most likely due a corrupted sound card or something.  So what next before I can get another replacement ancient PC …… wait for it to get a motherboard attack? 
Dear G, I hope you read today’s article and kindly retire this cranky thing before it goes to PC heaven.   
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