Error 1814

For the past week, my Dell seems to be running like a snail.  It took more than a minute to connect online and Youtube too seems to take ages to download a clip.  My first thought was it might be due to some sneaky bug in the system and so decided to run a scan on Adaware.  As usual I clicked on it to do an update but got the above pop-up error message instead.  It just wouldn’t run no matter how many times I tried.  Perhaps there’s some corruption somewhere so I shall try uninstalling and re-install. 
I then clicked on ‘Add or Remove Programs’ but it seems like Adaware didn’t want to abandon my Dell.  I got another similar pop-up error message.  Ok, so it doesn’t want to run and it also refuses to be uninstalled.  Urgh it’s so frustrating ….. I cannot leave this pesky thing in the system but I’m unable to get rid of it.  Just when I was about to despair, something went *ting* in my head …… ah yes Google, how could I have forgotten you? 
I typed in error 1814 and ta-da, a list of related links popped up.  Dear dear Google, you’re a god-send in times such as this.  I found a suggestion which worked, many thanks to kaetheone.  I finally got rid of that horrible thing that had refused to leave and my Dell is humming again.

Update…Got Rid of Ad-Aware 2007 After All

by kaetheone – 3/16/08 2:16 PM In reply to: xxxxxxx

For anybody who wants to remove AAW2007 from their computer and is finding that it won’t let them do so through the usual channels (at least if you have XP Pro, and I assume XP Home), try this:

1.Go to your "Start Menu

2. Click "Run…" type in "services.msc," and click "OK"

3. A list should come up that shows all the programs (services) your computer is currently running. Choose the Ad-Aware (by whatever name it’s called on the list), and right-click on it.

4. Click on "Properties"

5. Choose "Disable" on the Ad-Aware Service (as opposed to "Automatic" or "Manual")

6. Reboot Your computer (This is what I forgot to do the first time I tried this)

7. Once your computer wakes back up, remove Ad-Aware as you normally would–ie. either by going through Lavasoft" in the "All Programs" on the Start Menu, or by finding it in "Add or Remove Programs" through the Control Panel



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