Foxy Lady

What’s Up, Fox? (여우야 뮈하니) 2006
This is the kdrama series I was having a tough time viewing (from earlier post 72 min limit) due to frequent download time lapse disruption .  Good news is that I found the DVD in TS and even better, it was on offer at only $10 so I snapped it up.  Now I can peacefully view the series in full.  It’s a romantic comedy different from the usual kdramas, focusing on an adult theme and frequent references to sexual relationships so this is not suitable for underaged viewers. 
The male lead Chul-Su (Chun Jung Myung) is a 24 year old who lives life his way ….. chose not to pursue his studies but opt to travel abroad for a year much to the chagrin of his elder sister.  As evident from forum comments, his female fans simply adore him.   He’s good looking and an actor who can ‘speak’ with his eyes ….. whether mischievious, serious or sad.  
Chul-Su (Chun Jung Myung)                        Byung-Hee (Ko Hyun-Jung) 
Female lead Byung Hee (Ko Hyun Jung) is a 33 year old writer for an adult magazine who comes up with risque suggestions and articles on improving the reader’s sex life.  There are some hilarious scenes when her imagination kicks in and she acts out what she writes.  Right from the first episode, I was already laughing out aloud especially at the part where she twirled suggestively in front of a mirror while talking ‘dirty’ to herself.  She might not have the experience of a relationship with the opposite sex but she relies on a good imagination to come up with titillating articles for the magazine. 
One day she got totally drunk and mistaking Chul-Su for her first love, she throws herself upon him and …… that’s when the story develops and their ‘he’s-my-friend’s-younger-brother’ and ‘she’s-my-sister’s-friend’ relationship gets messed up.  As I’m now watching ep 6, I’m not sure how the story will turn out but I expect both of them will discover that age is all in the mind and when it comes to love, it is just a number.  I know I’m going to enjoy this series as it’s funny but touches on adult issues at the same time.          
Update:  I’m not sure what’s the title for this OST (sung by Ahn Mi Sun) but it’s my favourite from this series.  I’ve finished watching the full series ….. the final episode really touches me.  Its overall message ‘Follow your heart, be true to yourself …… and not let yourself be bound by what you think others expect you to be.’  Sometimes we need to remember that, don’t we?
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