Filvia’s update

Though Filvia may not be as healthy as he used to be, I’m just thankful that he had regained his appetite and does not need to be syringed-fed.  He still doesn’t seem to be able to eat hard food like carrots so I’ve excluded them.  I’m mindful that too much greens give him diarrhoea and have added in more of the white bread which he likes.  Another addition is a tiny wedge of watermelon with his evening meals.  I was also happy to see that he had resumed eating timothy hay and a bit of the seed mix which he had not touched for quite some time. 
A couple of months back when he wasn’t eating well and had appeared shrunken, I thought we would most likely lose him.  He might still be rather scrawny and seems to have developed a hunched back ….. but I’m just glad he’s much better now.
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