Spring Waltz OST …… Flower


‘Flower’ sung by U-Na, another song added to my MP3 


Spring Waltz ….. another Kdrama I’m watching again.  Shot on location both in Korea and Salzburg, Austria (such a beautiful place), it’s a story about childhood friends who lost and found each other again.  Lee Soo Ho (Seo Do-Yeong) abandoned by his good-for-nothing father, was adopted by a couple who had lost their only son Jae-Ha (a child prodigy with the piano).  He was brought over to Austria where he took on the dead boy’s identity and coached to become a renowned pianist, but because of his anguish over his hidden identity, he grew up as someone cold and aloof.  

Eun-Yeong (Han Hyo-Ju) is Soo Ho’s lost childhood friend whom he was misled to believe had died and yet is someone he couldn’t forget.  Song I-Na (Lee So-Yeong) is the dead Jae-Ha’s childhood friend who believed that Soo Ho is her first love Jae-Ha while Philip (David Henney) is the adult Jae-Ha’s close friend and manager who fell in love with Eun-Yeong when he met her on her holiday in Austria.  As expected, Soo Ho/Jae-Ha fell in love with her as well so it became a sort of quadri-angle love story.   


   Lee Soo Ho/Yun Jae-Ha           Park Eun-Yeong                          Philip                              Song I-Na

The beautiful casts from Spring Waltz.  I intentionally left out Le So-Yeong because I find her character irritating and is someone one could cheerfully slap.  David Henny’s character would make a truly great friend.  Seo Do-Yeong kind of grows on me along with the story and I do think he has such an attractive smile.  I respect his character for having the courage to stand by the person he love most ….. that’s the kind of men we love.


 Han Hyo-Ju (she’s so sweet)                Seo Do-Yeong (love his smile)       David Henney (great looks)


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