Card reader

On a few occasions, I had a problem transferring work-related pics taken with some cameras to my office desktop, probably due to incompatibility with the ancient system.  I would then have to borrow a card reader from my colleagues so that I could then transfer them directly through the XD card.   After multiple attempts at borrowing, I thought I might as well get my own card reader. 
A number of times I had stood at the card readers display area at some stores, not knowing which type to get as I keep forgetting to note down the type of card my camera uses.  A couple of days ago, I found myself browsing at The Challenger Store and came across this attractive All-in-1 card reader with dual tile colour on its bodice which came in both pink/grey and turquoise/grey ($16.90, member $15.50).  Though I was still unsure about the card type, I decided to take a chance after peering at the multi-slots on both its front and rear.  I suppose I was attracted to the nice design and it was also cheaper than some of the others.  Now I need not bug my colleagues again.
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