Dear Diary

 I suppose for most people who keeps a blog, it’s their way of self expression and sharing and it makes them feel good when they get a lot of hits.  That would be a good indication of their popularity and naturally it feels great that people like to read about them and their updates.  What they write about must be really interesting to keep their followers coming back.  I have some favourite blogs that I subscribe to and I enjoy reading these ….. most of them can be pretty humourous and make me laugh.  I would blacklist those that are crude or mean, and those who have no qualms about making fun of others. 
So how about if no one visits yours? …… wouldn’t that be pretty pathetic and makes you feel so uninteresting?  Yes, I suppose so, but then it would probably depend on the reason you keep a blog in the first place.  I liken mine to a sort of e-diary which I use as a means of self-expression.  It doesn’t have to be smart or impressive ….. because it’s really just for me.  It’s for storage of  some of my favourite things and memories that I could revisit at some later date.  It’s an avenue to pen my thoughts, happy or sad ones …. and sometimes just to give them form.  You need courage to be frank and to openly say something that could come back to haunt you.    I know it is risky to be too open ….. so I do hold back and think twice before I hit ‘publish entry’. 
So how does one feel when no one visits?  I think that’s fine ….. it’s your diary and it’s uniquely yours.  In a way, it kind of sets you free to be yourself. 
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