Since I’m in the mood for movies with Keanu Reeves, I couldn’t leave out Speed.  Filmed in 1994 (which makes that 14 years ago),  it shows a much younger Keanu at 30.  I thought he looked really good with that short crop, and what’s great was having Sandra Bullock in that film as well.  I’m sure most would have seen this movie and there’s no need for any synopsis.  

For those who have not, it’s about this embittered former bomb squad explosive expert out to extort money from the authorities.  He got mad with Jack for having thwarted an earlier attempt and so decided to rig up a city bus with explosives that would get triggered off once the bus crossed 50mph, and which would detonate if it should go below that limit.  It’s one adrenalin filled scene after another throughout the movie, and I wouldn’t mind watching it all over again.  In fact, I’m planning to get the DVD and collect all his movies.  Dear Keanu, you’re my dream man. Tongue out   

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