It’s been 5 days since Filvia’s tooth trimming but he’s still not eating very much.    I have to continue with the force-feeding by syringe 3 – 4 times a day.  Besides the Recovery powder mix, I also feed him with a puree of papaya, pear, grapes, apples and carrots from a 10ml syringe.  I was quite happy when he took some bites out of a small piece of white bread which he likes and would used to ask for by squeaking.  I hope he’ll soon resume eating his usual food of vegetables (spinach, brocolli, carrots), dried seeds mix and timothy hay.  He’s still much too skinny. 
Since I had wanted to clear some of my annual leave, I’m taking this week off and also to keep an eye on him.  I can also feed him more often throughout the day since I’m at home.  This week happens to be the second week of my course term break but I’m unable to relax as I have quite a lot of homework to do.  I managed to complete and send off a proteomics essay which was due last Friday but still have to finish up the tasks and questions for the lab practicals, a formal report to write up, and to compile some Genetics mind map.  Taking a break? …….. nope, not really.
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