One tooth less

tooth (3)  Poor Filvia seems to be having tooth problems again.  I noticed that he wasn’t eating well lately and left quite a bit of his food untouched.  I supposed the most likely cause could be his teeth so had a peek at his mouth.  His upper right incisor was noticeably discoloured and that could be the culprit. 
Off we went to the neighbourhood vet again to have it checked.  He wasn’t in the least cooperative and started squirming and squeaking which didn’t make it any easier for the vet.  She couldn’t confirm then if it was loose enough to be pulled out and was rather apologetic that I might have to send him to another vet who does small animal work.  I was also told that it wasn’t safe to have him anaesthetised as guinea pigs don’t take to that very well.  Finally she suggested that she could try gassing him to see if she can pull the affected tooth out if it was loose enough.  I said ok and was told to return for him after 30 minutes. 
So that’s what I got back … an awful looking incisor and a slightly groggy Filvia.  I still have his other extracted incisor from the last checkup and intend to keep this one too ….. gross, isn’t it?
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